Can Pots Go In The Oven?

Wondering? Which earth do we live on? You and I are confused if or not pots can go in the oven. Nothing to say! We’re now living in a confusing world where brand new products are spread out everywhere. 

Can Pots go in the oven? Actually, it depends on. Look at the bottom of your pots. You may see the symbol of whether or not your pot can go in the oven. However, the pots that are with plastic or wooden handle cannot go in the oven. 

Keep reading this article since I have broken down an in-depth discussion. I hope that you guys will be able to make the right decision for you today.  

How Do You Know If Your Pots Is Oven Safe? 

So, you’ve landed my website to make it clean if or not your pots can go in the oven, right? 


The Easiest Way To Understand If The Pots Of Your Kitchen Can Go In The Oven:

Turn your pots and then look at the bottom if you can see this symbol. If your pots are with this symbol, it means that your pots are oven safe. 

oven safe

In some cases, you’ll see that there is a printed spot where the manufacturer has pronounced that this pot is not oven safe. 

However, depending on the core material, some pots can go in the oven and some pots cannot.

What Kind Of Pots Can Go In The Oven? 

Cast Iron Pots: 

Cast iron pots are made of iron. And iron can go anywhere. So, if your pots are made of just cast iron, then it’s absolutely oven safe.  

However, if your cast iron pots are coated with enamel coating, or it has a plastic handle, then follow the manufacturer guidelines. If manufacturer allows you to put the cast iron pot in the oven, then do it. 

Ceramic Pots: 

The pure ceramic pots cannot go in the oven without any doubt. Even, you can use them in the flame of open fire. However, the pots that are jutst coated with ceramic can withstand oven heat up to 500 degrees F. 

What Type Of Pots Should You Not Put In The Oven? 

So, now the matter is here. What type of pots you shouldn’t put in the oven. 

The pots that are with plastic handles cannot go in the oven. Everyone knows that plastic can melt in the high temparture. So, if you put your pots in the oven that are with plastic handles, chances are they will melt. 

Another thing you need to consider is the knob. Most of the knob of the lids are made of cast iron. So, they can resist heat. But, very few of the lid knobs are made of meltable materials. These kind of materials cannot go in the oven. 

Now, look at the surface. If the surface of your pots are porous, then never put them in the oven. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, let me tell you that you can put some pots in the oven that manufacturer allow. And the pots that are prohibited to use in the oven cannot go in the oven. 

Now let us know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

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