Privacy Policy

As you’re a visitor of, we take care of you and your personal information you give us time to time at the time of consuming our website’s content. It goes with saying that we never sell your personal information to the third party. 

Who We Are Actually: 

We’re My Kitchen Doctor and our website URL is If you need you can contact us with this email address: [email protected] 

What Personal Data We Typically Collect From You And Why We Collect The Data! 

Contact Forms: 

We have a contact form so that you can easily contact us filling out the blank boxes of that contact form. Have it in your mind that we only collect the information you provide us by filling out the form. 

Very often, we require to you the following information! 

  1. Your personal first and last name;
  2. Email address;
  3. Phone number;
  4. The reason why you’re contacting us. 

Once you click on the “Send” button, we get the information via email. We never use the information other than to reply to you so that we can help you. We’ll never sell your information to any third party. 


As a visitor, you may comment on the comment box. At that time, we collect your first name, email address, and the comment you want to publish. Even, we’ll collect the IP addresses in order to detect the spammers. 

We have the full ownership to make the decision whether we’ll publish your comment or not. Very often, we may modify your comment to remove the part we think unusable and uninformative. 

However, we don’t collect your information to send you newsletter in the future unless you get approved by signing up for the newsletter form.  

Log Files: 

We collect some data in the log file format. 

The data we collect with log file is:

  • You IP (internet protocol) address;
  • Your ISP (internet service provider):
  • Your browser information, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc;
  • The time you have visited our website.

Advertising Policy Statement: is affiliated with more than one advertising company. Amazon LLC, AdSense, AdThrive, Mediavine _for instance. So, Ads will be displayed to you during consuming our website contents by these advertising companies. 

Note: Amazon, Google, Adthrive and other ad serving companies may track your behavior in order to display the best match ads based on your interest. However, the whole process will be done by cookies. 

A cookie is a file that helps to track your data and then store them on your browser in order to show the best match ads. 

Embedded Content From Other Websites: 

Sometimes, you’ll provide you with third party content from many other websites. Such as, we may provide video content from YouTube as well as images from many other websites. 

However, they will also collect your data the same way we collect from you. 

How Long We Will Retain Your Data: 

The data you provide us at the time of signing up on our website is stored forever until you want to remove it. You have the full access to edit, moderate that information how you want. 

Apart from this, the administrator can also edit and delete the information without informing you. 

Who We Share Your Data With: 

We don’t share your data with any third party company. However, we take service from the well-known email service provider company so that we can send you newsletter if you permit me to fill out the newsletter form. 


As you’re using this website, we may collect your data through the authentic analytics service provider company, commonly known as Google analytics. 

The information we generally collect through Google analytics is here. 

  • Your device information;
  • Browser type;
  • Your internet connection;
  • Your IP address;
  • Your operation system;
  • Your location. 

Moreover, the purpose of collecting your data is to provide you with the best information so that you can get benefited from us. Here is the Google privacy policy. Look at a glance!

Note: we don’t collect your financial data anytime.