Is Granite Cookware Safe For Health?

We use granite cookware to cook food as they’re lightweight, non-stick, heat evenly, withstand rust, and oven safe up to 500 degrees F. There are many more benefits of using granite cookware. But, have you ever thought if granite cookware is safe for human health. 

Is granite cookware safe for health? Yes. Granite cookware is safe for human health. Today’s granite cookware is made of stainless steel core which is coated with porcelain enamel. So, chances are toxic won’t leach into food unless the porcelain enamel gets scratched. 

In today’s article, I’m now going to note down each and everything this is related to this article topic. So, reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

What Is Granite Cookware Made Of?

Granite is a hard substance. Granite cookware is made of granite. And modern granite cookware is made of thin stainless steel. They’re coated with porcelain in order to protect leaching toxic into food during cooking. 

What Not Do With Granite Cookware?

Whenever you purchase granite cookware to cook food, make sure that you’ve gone through the following guidelines. 

  • the very first rule you need to apply during using granite cookware is that never use metal utensils to stir food. As most of the present granite cookware is coated with porcelain, coating may get damaged by the high touch of metal utensils. 
  • if you’re cooking such a recipe that is required very high heat, then I highly recommend you not to use granite cookware to cook food at that time. Reason is very simple to understand. There is a high chance of cracking the porcelain coating at the high heat of the oven. 
  • whenever you cook food, make sure that you’ve stopped heating the granite cookware when it reaches at the smoking point. 

The Ultimate Guidelines Of Using Granite Cookware To Cook Food:

No matter how many granite cookware you have, make sure you’ve followed the following guidelines. These easy-to-apply guidelines will help you to use your granite cookware forever. 

  • : use wooden or bamboo utensils to stir and serve food. Studies show that wooden or bamboo utensils don’t make stain on the cookware. Any type of coating is safe to wooden and bamboo utensils. 
  • always cook food at the medium heat. Porcelain coating can withstand medium heat. If your intention is to cook food with very high heat, then I recommend you use any other type of cookware you own. (In that case, cast iron cookware can be the best alternative to granite cookware. 

Is It Wise Decision To Further Use That Granite Cookware Which Has Recently Been Scratched By Metal Utensil? 

So now the question is here. Should you use the granite cookware that has recently scratched? No. The granite cookware that has recently got scratched should not use further to cook food. 

If you further use the granite cookware that is recently scratched, then chances are toxic will leach into your food through the scratching point. And finally, it makes different types of health problems. 

What If I Accidentally Cook Food With Granite Cookware? 

If you accidentally use scratching granite cookware to cook food, then you should not eat that food. Whatever it is! If you’ve already eaten that food, there is nothing to do.

In that case, promise yourself not to cook food with any scratching granite cookware anymore. This pretty simple awareness will help you to avoid the biggest health issue in the future.  

Advantages Of Granite Cookware: 

Likewise other material cookware, granite cookware has many advantages as well. Here’re the most common ones. Let’s look at a glance! 

  • granite cookware is hard enough. Once you care enough them, they’ll last for a long period of time. 
  • granite cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. So, you can cook food with granite cookware maintaining this heat level. 
  • granite cookware conducts heat evenly. If you’re very much eager to cook food maintaining quality, then you should choose granite cookware for you. 

Limitations Of Granite Cookware: 

It goes without saying that granite cookware has a few limitations besides their advantages. These are: 

Is Granite Cookware Dishwasher Safe?

Most of the manufactures of granite cookware allow you to wash them in the dishwasher. However, I highly recommend you not to wash granite cookware in the dishwasher. 

Instead of washing them in the dishwasher, consider hand washing. 

How To Wash Granite Cookware By Hands: 

Here’s how to wash granite cookware by hands. Let’s look at a glance!  

Washing granite cookware by hand is nothing but a piece of cake once you know how to do that. First of all, take some warm water and a piece of mild soap. Then, submerge the granite cookware into the warm water. 

Now take the cookware from the warm water and scrub them with a sponge. Take enough mild soap in order to deep clean. 

After scribing enough, rinse the cookware with normal water. Repeat the process once again if it requires. 

Finally, you’ll see that your granite cookware has been shiny enough than before. 

Is Granite Cookware Toxic? 

The right answer is no. Granite cookware isn’t toxic as long as it’s free form scratching. Once they scratch even if the scratching is too small, you’re no longer allowed to use them to cook food. 

There is a tendency of leaching toxic into food during cooking through the scratching point. So, be aware of using any granite cookware that gets scratched recently.  

Alternatives To Granite Cookware: 

Know what the best alternatives to granite cookware? As a chef, I’ve investigated that cast iron cookware is the best alternative to granite cookware. You can try cast iron cookware to cook food as they’re free from toxic. 

Is Granite Cookware Better Than Ceramic? 

Although ceramic cookware and granite cookware are totally made of two different materials, they’re almost the same in terms of quality, and performance. 

Whatever it is!

In some point of view, granite cookware isn’t better than ceramic. Instead, ceramic is better than granite cookware. Here’s how: 

How Long Does A Granite Cookware Last? 

According to the thekichen, every non-stick cookware will last at least five years once you care enough. However, you can expect granite cookware that they will last forever if you strictly follow the guidelines I’ve suggested above. 

What Is The Best Granite Cookware? 

Let’s face it! There is tons of granite cookware available in the market to check them out. But, every granite cookware is not the best to choose. 

Considering tons of factors, along with previous buyers’ experiences, the MasterPan Granite Ultra Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Fry Pan is the best granite cookware for you. Here’s the link. Check it out bang on. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, granite cookware is safe until they are free for scratching. Likewise much other material cookware, granite cookware can be used to cook food with medium heat. 

They’re not to cook food with very high heat. Although most of the manufacturers of granite cookware permit you to wash them in the dishwasher, I recommend you wash them by hand. 

In this article, I’ve broken down each and everything that is related to this article topic. Now let me know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Have a nice with your family members! 

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