Why Is My Kitchen Drain Making Noise?

There are many drains in every house. Among them, kitchen drains are the most frequently used. So, it’s very common that you have to take a few extra steps to always clean the kitchen drains. 

Why is my kitchen drain making noise? Probably, your kitchen drain is full of food motes. That’s because your kitchen drain is making noise. It goes without saying it’s a big sign that you’re going to face a serious problem with your kitchen drain in the near future. And it’s high time to take the initial steps. 

Let’s explain the matter more!

The Probable Reasons Why Your Kitchen Drain Is Making Noise:

There are many reasons behind making noise your kitchen drain. Once you know the most common reasons you can solve the problem easily without taking the help of any professional plumbers. 

  • Clogged with food motes:

Kitchen sinks are the most frequently used kitchen appliances in every kitchen. So, when we wash food, vegetables, and cookware in the sink, food motes get into the sewer pipes through the sinkhole. 

Needless to say, food motes make a big problem every few days interval. So be more careful about using kitchen sink in order to avoid this problem. 

  • Main pipes are full of messy:

The second probable reason is the main drain pipe. Maybe, it’s full of messy and needs to clean. Check the main drain pipe if it’s clean. If needs, then hire a professional plumber to clean the drain. 

  • Pipe adjusted points are full of sediment:

Another pretty simple reason is that chances are the pipe adjusted points are full of sediment. When water flows through the sewer pipe, sediment builds up bit by bit and brings a big problem later. 

So, check and make sure that the adjusted points are free from sediment. If it requires washing, then wash them properly. 

  • Pipes Are not Installed properly: 

Maybe, your kitchen drain pipes are not installed properly. For this reason, it’s making noise. 

  • Vent pipes are blocked with birds’ dust:

In many cases, vent pipes have become blocked with dust. As vent pipes are connected with the roof of the house, chances are birds’ dust is assembled inside the pipe. 

Once you point out the problem in the vent pipe, call a plumber to solve the problem.  

What Steps You Should Take In Order To Avoid This Problem In The Future: 

Now, let’s break down what initial steps you always should take so that you can avoid the problem in the future. 

  • Install a net in the sink mouth:

First of all, install a net in the sink mouth. We can give you the guaranty of not facing this problem again if you install a net in the sink mouth. Logic is very simple. 

Once you install a net in the sink mouth, food motes cannot go into the sewer pipe. And sediment will build up less. Thus, you won’t see the problem again in your life. 

  • Clean the pipe adjusted point a few weeks interval: 

Another trick you can apply is to avoid the problem is here. Clean the pipe adjust point a few weeks interval. If you do this, chances are there won’t build up sediment into the adjust point. 

  • Using chemical from time to time:

Applying chemicals from time to time is another pretty simple way to get rid of this problem. If you want, you can use hot water. Hot water is a super way not to build up sediment into the pipe. 

  • Subscribe To any professional drain cleaning service: 

The last option is to subscribe to any professional drain cleaning service. Professional drain cleaner will clean the main drain of your house following a schedule. Once you’ve become failed to solve the problem by applying the initial tricks, then you must take help from any professional drain cleaning service.  

Final Verdict: 

In brief, your kitchen drain is making noise because food motes and sediment are full of the kitchen pipe. So, to solve the problem, you can either try yourself or hire a professional plumber

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