Can You Ask To See A Restaurant Kitchen?

Can You Ask To See A Restaurant Kitchen

Whether it’s homemade food, online order food, or you make a small tour with your friends to the nearby restaurant, it’s crucial to ensure that the foods you’re having have been cooked in the clean kitchen. Apart from this, make sure that the chefs are well presented. 

Can I ask to see a restaurant kitchen? Of course! You must ask to see a restaurant kitchen to the owners if you’re confused about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Not every restaurant patrons, very few of the restaurant owners will become willing to inspect the kitchen without any authorized credentials by the state government body. 

Generally speaking, mass people aren’t allowed to enter any restaurant kitchen for security reasons. 

And on the other hand, some restaurant kitchens are not clean enough. For this reason, manager may show lots of excuses you not to inspect their kitchen. 

In today’s article, I’m now going to break down each and everything you need to know. So keep reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

Why Should I Ask To See A Restaurant Kitchen? 

To be honest, most of the current American restaurant owners are not willing to pay enough attention to clean their kitchen. Plus, chefs are not well presented and all the cooking appliances are not clean enough especially the utensils. 

 And there is a great possibility of getting sick if you eat the foods which have been prepared an unusual way. That’s why, I highly recommend you not to eat food from any restaurant without seeing the kitchen.

What’s The Polite Way To Ask To Inspect A Restaurant Kitchen? 

Let’s face it! kitchen is a dangerous place in the restaurant. And anyone cannot get into a restaurant kitchen without any special reasons. 

There is no polite way to ask to inspect a restaurant kitchen for the general people unless you’re authorized by the state government body. 

Whatever it is! I’ve seen some restaurant owners are willing to allow anyone to inspect their kitchen once the visitor is ready to strongly follow their instructions. So, you can try if they allow you. 

What Does It Mean If I’m Prohibited To Inspect A Restaurant Kitchen? 

It primarily means that something is wrong inside the kitchen. Probably, your though is correct what you’re thinking now about the kitchen. 

Maybe, kitchen is not clean enough and cooking appliances are not washed for a long period of time. Very likely, they’re mixing stale food with just cooking food. 

In many cases, restaurant owners don’t allow anyone to inspect for security reasons. 

Reasons Why Restaurant Owners Generally Don’t Allow Any One To See The Kitchen? 

Let me tell you that restaurant owners are not wrong all the time. There are many more reasons why you’re not allowed to inspect the restaurant kitchen. 

I’ve gathered the most common reasons. Let’s look at a glance! 

  • Are you Trained enough to enter a restaurant kitchen? 

Restaurant kitchen is an important area of every restaurant. Every chef and the assistant chef are well trained and they know where safety elements are kept. Also, they know how to get out of the kitchen during an emergency. 

There are many more guidelines of the commercial kitchen which are not known by the general people. 

After all, they’re trained enough but you’re not. That’s because, restaurant owners generally don’t allow you to inspect the kitchen. 

  • They strongly maintain security: 

Another reason is that restaurant owners strongly maintain security. What will happen if any miscreant enters the kitchen anyhow and pours toxic with the food? 

Who will take the responsibility? 

Only for security reason, most of the restaurant owners don’t allow the mass people to inspect their kitchen. 

  • Hidden Recipies: 

You and I can fry chicken, right? But do we know how the KFC fry chicken? I don’t. And probably, you’re as well. 

In this competitive world, everyone wants to hide their special recipes to the mass people. Of course! You can take the taste of the food by ordering. But, they will try to expand the ultimate food preparation process to you. 

That’s because, mass people are not allowed in any kitchen least you have become a competitor of them. 

What To Do If You’re Confused About The Restaurant Kitchen Cleanliness? 

So if you’ve become confused about the cleanliness of the restaurant, your very first duty is to inspect the kitchen. If the restaurant owners don’t allow you to visit their kitchen, then you should follow the alternative ways I’m not going to write down. 

Alternative Ways To Examine Whether Or Not A Restaurant Kitchen Is Cleaned

There are plenty of ways to conceive whether or not the inside of a restaurant kitchen is cleaned. I’m breaking one after one. You guys see what you can implement easily. 

  • CCTV Camera: 

Most of the restaurants are inspected by a few CCTV cameras. And the TV has become placed in the open space where people roam. So you can easily inspect the inside of the kitchen by looking at the TVs. 

  • Online Reviews: 

Online reviews can help you to easily understand if the restaurant is good for you. 

So, go to the Google search bar and type the restaurant name by adding the word “review”. Try to understand what previous people are told about the restaurant service. 

  • Health Inspection Report: 

You can ask for the recent health inspection report of the restaurant. This is legal. If the state health body certifies the restaurant positively, chances are everything is okay. You can have food without any health risks.  

  • Local people Behavior: 

Try to look at the local people’s behavior. If they randomly visit the restaurant and have food, then this is a good sign that you can have food from the restaurant. 

  • Look At The Waiters/waitresses: 

You can easily understand the inside condition of the kitchen if it’s clean enough. Just look at the waiters and waitresses. If they look sound, then it means the inside of the kitchen is good enough. 

  • Lavatories: 

Another easy way to understand if the kitchen of the restaurant is clean enough is to visit the lavatories. If you see lavatories are well clean, chances are the inside of the kitchen will become clean. 

  • Serving table: 

Serving table is another thing to easily understand if the restaurant kitchen is cleaned enough. Look at the serving spongs, jag, water bottle, glass, table cloth, etc. If these serving things are cleaned, then you can hope that the inside of the kitchen is cleaned enough. 

  • Glass Wall: 

Very few of the American restaurants and the kitchen is separated by glass wall. So, just looking through the glass wall, you can easily understand if the inside of the kitchen is cleaned.

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, though most of the restaurant owners won’t’ allow you to inspect their kitchen for security reasons, you should ask to see if they allow you anyhow. 

However, I highly recommend you not to eat food from the restaurant if you don’t see any positive reason. 

Let me know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Have a healthy life! 

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