Can You Replace A Kitchen Sink Yourself?

Sink is one of the busiest areas of every modern kitchen. To wash foodstuffs, and cookware, we use kitchen sink everyday. On account of using again and again, a kitchen sink needs to be changed from time to time. 

Can you replace a kitchen sink yourself? Yes. You can. You can replace your kitchen sink yourself if you have the necessary tools and the basic knowledge about the job. But, if you don’t have the ABC of installing a kitchen sink, then either learn the process first or hire a plumber to do the job done.  

In today’s article, I’m now going to share with you how I actually replace kitchen sink myself. And I strongly believe that you’ll also be able to replace your kitchen sink if you follow the following instructions I’m now going to write down. 

Necessary Tools And Materials You Need To Have To Install A Kitchen Sink:

1. Utility knife. 

2. Pipe wrench. 

3. Socket wrench. 

4. Safety glass. 

5. Putty knife. 

6. New sink. 

7. Soft towel. 

8. Silicone sealant. 

9. Putty. 

10. And work gloves. 

How To Replace A Kitchen Sink Without Plumber: 

So you probably want to replace your damaged kitchen sink with a brand new one, right? It’s okay. Let me tell you that it’s crucial to know how to replace a kitchen sink without taking the help of any plumbers. 

Here’s how to replace a kitchen sink without plumber. Let’s look at a glance! 

Remove The Older Sink: 

Your very first duty is to remove the older sink and then install the brand new one. 

  •  Measuring The Existing Sink: 

First of all, measure the existing sink. If the previous sink and the brand new sink have become totally different, then you maybe need to modify the countertop. 

  • Turn Off The Water Supply Lines: 

Now, shut off both the cold and hot cold water supply lines. The turnoff valves are either in the basement or under the sink. If you don’t get the shutoff valves in these two places, then turn off the main water supply lines temporarily.  

  • Turn On The Faucet: 

Now, turn on the faucet in order to relieve water pressure in the lines. 

  • Disconnect The Water Supply Lines: 

Now disconnect the water supply lines. Take an adjustable wrench to disconnect water supply lines to the faucet. Take a small bucket so that you can collect the water which is still inside the pipes. 

  • Disconnect The P-trap: 

Now, disconnect the garbage disposal. Take a plier and disconnect the drainpipe and P-trape from the sink. Have a pan or small bucket to collect excess water. 

  • Remove The Dishwasher Drain: 

Now, remove the dishwasher drain from the sink. 

  • Isolate The Metal Clips: 

Now, isolate the metal clips under the countertop. Take a screwdriver and loosen the metal clips. 

  • Cut The Caulk: 

Right now, cut the caulk with a utility knife. 

  • Push The Older Sink: 

Now push the older sink by your hand. 

  • Clean The Countertop: 

Now, take a putty knife and remove all gunky substance from the place which is closely related to the sink. 

This is how you can remove the old sink from the countertop. 

Install The Brand New Sink: 

After removing the old sink, now take step to install a brand new sink. Here’s how to install a brand new sink. Let’s look at a glance! 

  • Verify The Countertop: 

First of all, set the new sink to the countertop hole in order to justify that it fits rightly. If your new sink dimension is larger then the countertop hole, modify the countertop hole by using a tile cutter. 

  • Attach The Metal Clips: 

Now take the sink from the countertop hole and attach the metal clips tightly. And then set the sink to the countertop hole. 

  • Install The Faucet: 

Install the faucet and its related components. 

  • Install The Drain Stainer: 

Now apply some putty around the drain strainer. After that, install the drain strainer out and out.  

Take the excess putty using a soft towel. 

  • Install The Garbage Disposal: 

If you have a garbage disposal, this is high time to install it. Take a screwdriver and install the mounting bracket to the bottom line of the sink. At that time, take a look at the manufacturer guidelines. 

If the sink comes without guidelines, check the official website of the company. They must have disclosed guidelines for their clients on their website. 

  • Apply Some Silicone Sealant: 

Now add some silicone sealant to the edge of the basin. Silicone sealant will tighten the sink to the countertop. 

  • Attach The Water Supply Lines: 

Right now, attach the water supply lines to the faucet. Take a screwdriver to tighten enough. 

  • Install The Dishwasher Drain: 

Now install the dishwasher drain with the sink drain. 

  • Add The P-trap: 

Now, attach the disposal pipe to the sink drain and reinstall the P-trap. 

  • Apply Some Sealant: 

Now apply some sealant and make it spotless. 

  • Connect The Power Again: 

Lastly, connect the power again and turn on the waterline. Make sure that there is no leak in the pipe adjustment. 

This is how you can properly remove an older sink and install a brand new one. 

Is Replacing A Kitchen Sink Easy? 

Replacing a kitchen sink is an easy job. In my point of view, you never need to hire a plumber to replace a kitchen sink once you have the basic knowledge about the job. 

If you have ever replaced any kitchen sink and you’re thinking to replace your kitchen sink, just go through my shown guidelines. You guy will be able to remove the old sink and install a brand new one in no time. 

Can You Replace A Kitchen Sink Without Replacing The Countertop? 

Yes. It is possible to replace a kitchen sink without replacing the countertop. Actually, there is no correlation to the countertop and the sink drain. So, if you want to replace a kitchen sink, it’s not mandatory for you to replace the countertop. 

In my personal experience, kitchen countertop may get crack sometimes. For this reason, be kind to your kitchen countertop during installing a kitchen countertop. 

How Do I Replace My Kitchen Sink? 

I’ve already broken down how I replace my kitchen sink. Just follow my instruction. 

How Much Does A Plumber Charge To Install A Kitchen Sink? 

In the USA, a plumber takes up to 2 hours to remove and install a brand new sink. And they generally charge $50 per hour. A plumber may charge $100 or less to install a kitchen sink. 

However, it mainly depends on the state to stare and plumber to plumber. To get the lowest rate plumber, you have to call a few plumbers in your local area.  

How Much Is The Kitchen Sink Replacement Cost? 

The average kitchen replacement cost is from $300 to $500. But depending on location, state, and the availability of the necessary materials, you probably have to spend more than $500. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, replacing a kitchen sink is an easy job for you once you follow my step by step guidelines. And after installing a kitchen sink in your kitchen, you never ever have to call a plumber to complete the job. 

Now let me know by commenting if you have any more questions that is related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Have a nice day with your family members! 

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