How To Clean Induction Cooktop With Baking Soda

Looking for induction cooktop cleaning tips? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. 

Cleaning an induction cooktop is super easy compared to the conventional cooking cooktops. You have to consider a lot of time to clean any glass or electric cooktop. On the other hand, you can easily clean an induction cooktop once you follow my following guidelines. 

In today’s article, I’m now going to note down each and everything you need to know during cleaning an induction cooktop. So consider reading this article once from top to bottom before cleaning your induction cooktop. 

How To Clean Burnt  Induction Cooktop (10 Simple Steps): 

Let me tell you that induction cooktop is easy to clean that I’ve pronounced a few times in different posts of this article. However, have it on your mind that this cleaning method is applicable when your induction cooktop is fully covered with burnt substance. Don’t apply this technique for regular typical cleaning. 

Right now, I’m going to explain how you can clean an induction cooktop. Let’s go through this process. 

  • Switch Off The Induction: 

Your very first duty is to switch off the induction stove. Reason is very simple. Electricity can harm you badly if you switch on your induction. So be aware of it. 

  • Mix The Ingredients: 

Secondly, take a pot or a tiny bucket to mix all the ingredients properly. Then, pour a small amount of baking soda into the bucket. After that, pour some white vinegar so that the mixing process has become easier. Then, add some toothpaste (this is an optional ingredient). At the last point, take a piece of lemon juice and give the juice on the bucket. 

Finally, take an old toothbrush and mix the ingredients all together. 

Now your ingredients are ready to apply on the induction cooktop. 

  • Spread The Ingredients: 

Right now, spread the ingredients over the stains using a tooth-brush. Make sure that the whole stains have been covered with the ingredient. 

Now, leave your induction stove for 20 minutes. Over this time, you can do your other job. 

  • Clean It With Lemon Peel: 

After 20 minutes, take the lemon peel and apply it on the induction cooktop to remove the stains. You’ll see that stains are coming off dramatically. 

  • Wipe The Induction Cooktop With A Cloth: 

Now, take a soft cloth and wipe the induction cooktop with it. You’ll see that your induction cooktop is almost clean. 

  • Spray White Vinegar On The Remaining Stains: 

If you see that some stains are still available over the cooktop, then spray white vinegar on the remaining stains and scrub it gently with a scrubber. Thus, you’ll be able to remove all the stains from the cooktop. 

  • Wipe The Cooktop With A Soft-clean Cloth:

Now, take a piece of soft and clean cloth and then wipe the cooktop carefully. Make sure that you’re not forcing too much on the cooktop. Because, too much pressure can cause the induction cooktop to be damaged permanently. 

These simple 7 steps will make your induction cooktop likewise a brand new one. So apply these steps bang on. 

  • Clean The Bottom Cooling Pan: 

Once your induction cooktop is fully ready to use, now turn it upside down and then look at the cooling pan. 

If you gaze at the cooling pan, you’ll see that it’s full of dust which is harmful to any electronic gadget. 

Right now, take an old toothpaste and remove all the dust from the cooling pan carefully. 

  • Wipe The Whole Induction With A Cloth: 

After completing these 8 steps, now take a fresh cloth and wipe the whole induction carefully. Make sure that water doesn’t enter into the induction. Because, water can permanently damage your induction. 

  •  Clean The Wire: 

In the last, clean the wire. To do this, take a piece of fresh cloth and apply it over the wire. 

Watch This Video To Know More: 

What can I use to clean my induction cooktop? 

These cleaners and substances are allowed to apply to any induction cooktop. Let’s look at a glance! 

  1. Any cooktop cleaners. 
  2. White vinegar; 
  3. Baking soda;
  4. Soft cloth. 

Are Induction Cooktops Easier To Clean? 

Induction cooktops are easier to clean compared to conventional cooktops. You just need to follow my step by step guidelines I have provided earlier. 

How Frequently Should I Clean My Induction Cooktop? 

Let me tell you that it’s mandatory for you to clean your induction cooktop to always get efficient results. And for daily cleaning, you don’t need to have any unusual preparation. 

Anyway, induction cooktop cleaning methods can be categorized into 3 parts based on time and manner. Let’s enter into in-depth discussion. 

  • Everyday Cleaning Method: 

Cleaning an induction on a daily basis is a painful job, right? But the good news is that this simple job will allow you to not go to any extensive cleaning sessions. 

What you need to do is to take a piece of soft cloth and then wipe the induction cooktop before and after cooking.  

  • Weekly Cleaning Method: 

In a weekly cleaning session, do the same process as you do on a daily basis. And then turn the induction cooktop upside down and wipe the bottom of the induction.

Look at the cooling pan. If it’s full of mess, then take a toothbrush and wipe all the hard dust. 

  • Emergency Cleaning Method: 

This is very simple! In a lot of cases, you have to clean your induction cooktop emergency. Especially, when your induction cooktop is full with burnt substance, you must consider an extensive cleaning session to avoid any damages. 

In an emergency cleaning session, apply my given 10 steps one by one. You’ll see that your induction cooktop is fully ready to reuse. 

What Should You Not Use To Clean Induction Cooktop? 

Have it in your mind that you’re not allowed to apply any substance to clean the induction cooktop. Otherwise, you may cause your induction cooktop temporarily or permanently damaged. 

Here, I’ve listed all the things you’re not allowed to apply to clean induction cooktop. Let’s look at a glance! 

  1. Powdery cleaner; 
  2. Scrub sponges; 
  3. Dishwashing agents; 
  4. Caustic cleaners; 
  5. Flammable cleaners; 
  6. Metal souring pads; 
  7. Chlorine bleach cleaners. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, I have pointed out all the things you need to know to clean an induction cooktop with baking soda. I hope you guys are now able to clean your induction cooktops yourself. 

Now, let me know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic. I’ll try to reply to you as early as I can. 

Have a nice day with your family members! 

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