Outdoor Cooking Methods [Make Your Campfire Days Easy]

Looking for several outdoor cooking methods? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. 

Cooking is an important part of your campfire days without any doubt. And since there are no other easy ways to eat food without cooking, then it’s crucial for you to learn a few outdoor cooking methods so that you can cook food on the campfire days. 

If you don’t know yet how to cook outdoor without any modern facilities, then you need to learn before going on the next outdoor trip. Don’t become frustrated if you don’t know any outdoor cooking methods yet. In today’s article, I’ll break down a few common outdoor cooking methods that you need to learn in order to survive in the campfire days. 

So keep reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

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6 Outdoor Cooking Methods: 

Needless to say, I’m a self-announced outdoor cooking specialist over the years. And how to cook outdoor I know that! I’ve practiced many outdoor cooking systems in my life. Very few of them are very useful not only for me but also for everyone. 

So practice these outdoor cooking methods at least once before going to the next trip in the wilderness is very important. 

Let’s know in depth!

  1.  Cooking On Rocks: One of The Best Outdoor Cooking Methods:

Cooking on rocks is a super technique for those who want to get the real flavor of food in the campfire days. Needless to say, cooking on rocks is one of the oldest outdoor cooking methods which our ancestors would apply in their day to day lives. 

With this technique, you’ll easily be able to bake meat and fish. However, to apply this technique, you have to learn first. And to get you informed, we’ve written down how to cook on rocks. Wink your eyes! 

How To Cook on Rocks: 

  • Collect a few rocks: to cook on rocks, your very first duty is to assemble a few rocks. Here, make sure that at least a rock is flat. Because, flat rock will play a very important role in cooking food.
  • Create A Hole: After collecting  a few rocks, now make a hole in the mud where you can cook food. 
  • Put The Rocks Surrounding The Hole: Once you’ve created a few rocks, now place the rocks three sides of the hole. 
  • Put The Fat Rock: Now put the flat rock over the hole in order to use it as a cookware. 
  • Kindle: Perfect! Now kindle on the oven and whenever the flat rock gets heat enough, then you’re ready to bake food. 

2. Grilling Over Fire: 

Grilling over fire is a famous cooking method which can be applied both home and outdoor. Using this outdoor cooking method, you’ll easily be able to bake any bakery items. 

Here’s how to grill over Fire. Let’s look at a glance! 

How To Grill Over Fire: 

  • Create a Hole: Create a little hole in the mud in order to kindle. Then, put a few tinders so that it burns and kindles. 
  • Keep Two Stones: Now keep two stones in the right and left sides of the hole. Make sure that they are not moving anyhow. 
  • Place A Grill Pot: Once you’ve placed two stones in the both sides of the hole, now keep a grilling pot over the hole attaching the stones. 
  • Kindle: now kindle with tinder and keep your food items on the grilling pot in order to grilling. 

By the way, you can grill whatever you want to eat. 

3. Baking On A Stick: 

A camping journey without baking is not camping at all. So, everyone should learn about how to bake food, especially on a stick. This is such an outdoor cooking technique that our ancestors used to apply to bake animal meat.

Using this cooking methods,  you don’t need to have too many accessories that are needed other’s techniques. Here’s how to bake on a stick. Practice a few times before going to the next camping. 

How To Cook On A Stick: 

Once you learn these methods, you’ll be able to make your camping days easier. 

  • Gather A Few Green Sticks: your very first duty is to collect a few green sticks. However, better job is if you collect them from trees. 
  • Kindle: once you’ve gathered a few sticks, now kindle with a tinder how we generally kindle in our backyard. 
  • Pitch Two Sticks: now pitch two sticks in the two sides of the kindle . 
  • `Keep A Stick On Them: right now keep another stick on them in order to attach foodstaff. 
  • Put Your Pot: right now put your cookware or bucket at the very middle point of the flame in order that food can be prepared for having. 

Thus, you can cook food on sticks. However, there are many other ways of cooking food on sticks. If you want, then you can follow those. 

4. Cooking In Mud:

outdoor cooking methods in mud

Cooking in mud is another common outdoor cooking method that our ancestors could apply to cook food. Reason is very simple. The period when our forefathers would live in forests were out of modern facilities. Because, technology was not so advanced at that time, even there is no concept of modern technology. 

However, cooking in mud is such a way that keeps food flavor and taste out and out. The one who is facing so many problems on his/her stomach should apply this technique to cook food in their day to day lives. Because, vegetable oil does not apply to cooking food in mud. That’s why, this technique of cooking food can play a positive role in their lives. 

How To Cook In Mud: 

Here’s how to cook in mud. Let’s look at a glance and practice at least once before going on the next wilderness trips. 

  • Select A Perfect Place: when it comes to cooking in mud, your very first duty is to select the most perfect place. If possible, then try to select such a place where wet soil is available. Because, wet soil is mandatory to cook food in mud. 
  • Gather Some Wet Soil: after seleting the right place, now collect some mud and them make dough with them. If possible then, make your foodstuff in order to save time. 
  • Collect Some Banana leaves: after making dough with mud, now collect some banana leaves so that you can use them to twist surrounding the foodstuffs. 
  • Cover The Food: after collecting a few banana leaves, wrap your foodstaff with the banana leaves. And then make a dough with wet soil. Oh! You’re now ready to start cooking. 
  • Kindle: now gather some dry tree branches in order to kindle. Then, kindle with tinder in such a way that flame blows. Then, put the food dough inside the flame.
  • Take At least 1 and 45 Minutes: Now take at least an hour and 45 minutes if you cook any hard food that requirs much time to bake. 

Thus, you’ll be able to cook food in mud. 

Disadvantage: have it in your mind that there is a disadvantage of cooking in mud. Your food may get dust with mud at the time of praparing dough as well as collecting the foodstuff. So, be a little bit more careful so that your foodstaff don’t get in dust. 

5. Cook On A Swedish Fire Log: 

As creating Swedish fire log is an easy job, so anyone can do this to cook food at the time of their campfire days. Needless to say, Swedish fire log is use to kindle the whole campfire night. That’s why, you should know how to make Swedish fire log properly. 

Note: a major thing that you need to have in your mind. Whenever you go to camping for a few days, make sure that there is a chainsaw with you. A chainsaw is mandatory not only to create Swedish fire log but only to complet many other typical task. 

How To Make A Swedish Fire Log:

  • Collect A Dry Tree: when you intend to make a Swedish fire log, your very first duty is to collect a dry tree for you. 
  • Measure The Cutting Area: after selecting a dry tree, now measure the ares so that you can cut the tree in the right spot. 
  • Split The Tree Into A Few Logs: after measuring the ares where you want to cut the tree, it’s time to cut the tree in orde to make fire log.
  • Make A Hole: now make a hole at the very middle point of the tree so that you can kindle into the log. Also make a hole at the very bottom line in order to create vantilation. 

Perfect! Now you’re ready to cook food with your log. 

 6. Cooking In Ashes: 

Let me tell you that preparing breakfast in ashes is a very common way that everyone should know. After kindling at the whole night, you’ll get many flame ashes that are pretty perfect to cook food.

Especially, preparing breakfast in ashes at the camping days is comparatively easy method than others. That’s why, we have included this techniques so that you know how to cook in ashes.  

How To Cook In Ashes: 

  • Become ready your cooking items: whenever you intend to cook food in ashes, your very first duty is to prepared foodstuff. 
  • Remove A Few Ashes: Now aside some ashes from the middle point. 
  • Place You Fan: Now place your cookware or kattle on the flame ashes. 

Thus, you can cook food in ashes. 

Another way: 

  • Remove Some Ashes: Remove some ashes at the very middle point. 
  • Put Your Food Items: now put the food that can be bake. Bell pepper, egg _for instance. 

Now, wait a few minutes and put out them from the ashes. We hope that your foodstuffs are now ready to have.

Final Verdict: 

In breaf, we’ve tried to break down all the familiar outdoor cooking techniques so that you can apply on the camping days as well as prepare food for you and your family members. 

We hope that you guys will be able to cook food on the camping days without any hassle. Now let us know by commenting if you have any questions. We’ll try to reply to you with the best answer.

Have a nice camping day! 

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