What Can I Use Instead Of Parchment Paper? [Best Alternatives]

We typically use parchment paper as parchment paper has versatility. And they are reusable after washing. But, in many cases, we face trouble or don’t have parchment paper to use for baking cookies. 

What can I use instead of parchment paper? It depends on what purpose you want to use a parchment paper. If you intend to bake food, you can use aluminum foil, cooking spray, etc. On the contrary, if your intension is to wrap food for storage, you can use regular paper or grocery bags. 

Many of you mail to us including the question: “What do you do if you don’t have parchment paper?” To reply to you with the right answer, we’re not going to write done about the best alternatives of parchment paper based on the purpose of use. 

So, keep reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

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What are the best alternatives to parchment paper? 

There are many alternatives to parchment paper. However, it originally depends on what your purpose you’re going to use parchment paper. If you want to bake food, there are some fixed alternatives. Alternatively, if you want to store food for a few days, there are a few fixed alternatives, too. 

Here’s an in-depth discussion. Let’s go through this. 

Parchment Paper Alternative For Low Temperature: 

When you intend to re-heat your food, then you may try this gadget in order to use it in the low temperature.  

  • Wax Paper: 

Let’s face it. There are tons of alternatives for parchment paper, but our recommendation is to use wax paper since the wax paper is almost the same as parchment paper.  Wax paper has a thin coating of both sides that make them non-stick and moisture-resistance. 

Apart from this, wax paper is an inexpensive cooking gadget than many other alternatives. That’s because we highly recommend you to use wax paper as an alternative to parchment paper. 

The only downside is that you cannot use parchment paper for baking any foodstuffs as parchment paper is not heat-resistance. So, the best practice of using parchment paper is to heat the food that needs less heat. Such as Microwave oven. 

Parchment Paper Alternative For The High Temperature: 

These are the best alternatives for parchment paper that can be used in the high temperature to bake food. 

  • Baking Mat (Silpat): 

Baking mat is another good alternative to parchment paper. Since they’re made of silicone, they’re heat-resistance. So you can use them to bake food. 

The only downside of the Silpat baking mat is that they’re a little bit expensive than parchment paper. Plus, you’re not allowed to use them for steaming purposes since there is a tendency of leaching foil into food. 

  • Aluminum Foil: 

Aluminum foil is another authentic and enduring alternative of parchment paper. They’re typically reusable and pretty perfect to bake and cook food. You can use them to bake bakery items as they’re non-stick. 

But have it in your mind that they’re made of aluminum. That’s because there is a tendency of leaching very tiny amount of aluminum into your food if you use them at a very high temperature. 

Whatever it is! Aluminum foil papers are perfect to line and decorate food in the dish. And likewise the parchment paper, you’re allowed to use aluminum foil to steam. 

  • Cooking Spray: 

The last way that can be used as an alternative to parchment paper is cooking spray. Though this is one of the oldest models to make pans non-stick; however, you can use this process if you don’t have any other alternative ways. 

Parchment Paper Alternatives At the time of storing foodstuffs: 

Here are the most ingredients that can be used as an alternative to parchment paper when you want to store food for some days. 

  • Regular paper: 

If you decide to store your food for a long period of time, then you can use regular paper instead of parchment paper. 

  • Grocery Bags: 

Grocery bags are another item that can be used to store food if you don’t have parchment paper. 

The Reasons Why People look for Alternative to Parchment Paper: 

There are money reasons why people look for parchment paper. However, here’re the main reasons. 

  • Costly: 

It goes without saying that parchment paper is costly compared to many other alternative ones. That’s because you should look for an alternative option so that you can minimize your budget.

  • Unavailability:  

The second reason why people look for the alternative option for the parchment paper is that they have lack of parchment paper. In most cases, we forget to store enough parchment paper in our kitchen. 

And when we decide to cook any food, especially during baking bakery items, we feel that we need parchment paper but we don’t have. At that time, the best way to find out any alternative ways based on the purpose. 

Final Words: 

In a nutshell, parchment paper is generally coated with silicon paper. They’re mainly non-stick, water-resistance, and heat-resistance. Also, they’re versatility. You can use them in many baking items. 

Let us know by commenting on the comment box if you have any more questions that are related to this article’s subject. We’re trying to reply to you with the best answer as early as we can. 

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